Spa and medical wellness in the Visegrad space - online portal

Project with the International Visegrad Fund support
Standard Grant, category: Promotion of Tourism

Project characteristic

The project is focused on spas and medical wellness in the Visegrad space. Its objectiv is to make the offer more complex and transparent and to promote this branche. The project output is the multilingual database, available on the free online portal, based on unified presentation, possibility of comparison, searching of information trought different criterias.
Target groups: spas, wellness, tourism sector, public, administration.
Activities: meetings, workshops, presentations, PR activities.

Project partners

Výzkumný ústav balneologický / Research Institute of Baleneology, Czech Republic
Project coordinator

Asociácia slovenských kúpeľov / Association of Slovak Spas, Slovakia
Project partner

Stowarzyszenie Gmin Uzdrowiskowych RP / Association of Polish Spa Communes, Poland
Project partner

Magyar Egészségturizmus Marketing Egyesület / Hungarian Marketing Association for Health Tourism, Hungary
Project partner

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